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NIRVANA V2 Rotary Vise w/ Base

NIRVANA V2 Rotary Vise w/ Base


Strong Durable Jaws
The vise jaws are made of a hardened tool steel that will last the long run and hold hooks tight. 


Fully Adjustable For A Wide Range Of Hook Sizes
The hook size adjustment knob on the front of the jaws allows you to go from holding very small hooks down in the 20s to hooks up in the 2/0 size (or bigger) with a few turns.

The hook lever at the back side of the jaws tightens the jaws down very tight on the hook so it won't move. 


Smooth Rotary Bearing System With Fully Adjustable Tension
The quality bearing system on this vise makes the rotary motion very smooth for excellent performance. The adjustable knob on the side of the vise controls the tension on the rotary motion on the vise. You can go from no free spinning, to light tension for more control, to tight tension for moving the vise to different anglers for easier tying. 


Easy-to-Use Rotary Handle Gives You More Control
Many vises don't have a full handle for rotating the vise but the NIRVANA rotary vise does! We feel like this feature is a big deal and it is something that most everyone mentions they love when you first use this vise. This gives you smother control when rotating the vise to wrap wire, ribbing, dubbing, or other materials. We promise you will love this handle if you use the rotary function often.


Lots Of Open Space To Work With Materials
The large "V" shape of the vise arm and the jaws leaves you with a big open space behind the hook to work with materials with nothing in the way. 


Material Clip (removable)
The material clip adds a spring to put your materials through to keep them out of the way until you need them. This is especially nice for body material, ribbing & wire, or streamer materials. 


Adjustable Arm Angle
The Arm is adjustable so you can move it up or down to easily create the best center axis for you hook when rotating the vise, for the best position for wrapping of materials. 


Bobbin Rest Included
The bobbin rest is included with the vise so you can get the thread bobbin out of the way when wrapping materials, ribbing, and wire. 


Premium Pedestal Base Included
The pedestal base is a larger aluminum base with grooves made in it to hold flies you've tied, beads, or hooks. The wider and thicker size of the base makes it very stable so you don't get teetering issues. The grooves help to keep everything neat and organized. The pedestal base is very portable so you can take your vise with you anywhere when traveling. This base also has a special knob bolt that allows you to really crank it tight fully secure your vise stem so it will rotate around at all at this connection at all. 


Shaft Diameter
The shaft 9.8mm (about 0.386 inches).


Lifetime Warranty against materials and workmanship
Abuse of product, lost parts, improper use, and normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty. We will do what we can to help with non-warranty repairs for a fee, handled on a case by case basis.