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JHFLYCO Foam Fly Box

JHFLYCO Foam Fly Box

SKU: 585436M

Foam Fly Box is made from ultralight high-density EVA molded foam, with corner magnets to keep the box closed. There is plenty of headroom for your dry fly wings and it's perfect for organizing all of your nymphs and midges. Unlike typical foam boxes, the premium foam slits allow flies to be securely fastened and organized while also protecting the foam allowing flies to stay in position considerably better. The sturdy and durable fly box is super lightweight (just 3 ounces), and easy to see (comes in Chartreuse) and the floating box is easily retrievable if dropped in the water.

Dimensions: 5.90" x 3.43" x 1.18" Weight: 3 ounces



  • Micro slits in the interior to securely fastened and organize flies
  • Protects the foam unlike ordinary foam boxes
  • Floats if dropped and prevents loss
  • Secure magnetic corner closures
  • Excellent weight reduction in pack or vest